Mark Graban & Cliff Hazell: Amrut, Uncle Nearest, and Some Tweets

http://www.leanblog.oirg/whiskey19 In this episode, Mark Graban is joined by guest host Cliff Hazell, a South African who joins us from Stockholm, Sweden. We drink and discuss whiskeys with interesting stories -- Amrut (from India) and Uncle Nearest (from Tennessee). We talk about some tweets that Cliff posted: The first: If you have dead wood in your company, you either hired dead wood, or hired live wood and killed it. The second: When starting out with metrics and KPI’s. Consider... 1) If this went up what would we do differently? 2) If this went down, what would we do differently? 3) given your answers why do you need the metric? The third: I don’t believe in Karma... I do believe I have very little effect from blaming or ranting. I sometimes tell myself it “helps me”, but that’s usually not true either. When I’m not able to reach someone, I ask why... Most of the truthful answers are “Me” and “My behavior” The fourth: “We’re so busy” a fancy way of saying “We don’t know what’s important” We also chat about where we'd like to travel first when we again have the opportunity to do so...

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